15 November 2010

Snappy Synopses

Bloody difficult, aren’t they? I’ve spent another two hours on the synopsis for my work-in-progress this morning and I’m still not sure if I’ve got it right. At least it’s an improvement on my earlier attempt. Well, I say that now; ask me again in a couple of days and there’s every chance I’ll contradict myself.

Met the delightful Julia Crouch again at a mutual friend’s birthday party yesterday and had a look at the cover of her forthcoming debut, Cuckoo. Having seen earlier drafts of the first two chapters I can’t wait to read it. The hardback is out in March I believe. Of course Julia, of the three book deal with Headline, has no need to rustle up dreaded synopses any longer. Well done her; good to see talent and success coming together. Anyway, there are some reasonable synopses how-to guides out there but none better than that offered by writing coach Jacqui Lofthouse. If you’re not on Jacqui’s mailing list already I suggest you sign up now. She offers a plethora of solid and inspiring advice on all manner of writing dilemmas for both would-be and experienced authors.
I’ve heard from Bridge House again and it looks like we’ll be meeting to discuss editing next month. I’m looking forward to talking things through with editor Gill James; I’ve lots of ideas for BloodMining and I’m sure she will have too. I can’t wait to get going and still can’t believe that it’s going to be published next year. Exciting and terrifying.
Until then, back to novel two, and staring out to sea.