22 June 2007

Overdeveloped Arm Syndrome

Am I the only mother to suffer from this affliction? Getting back into some kind of shape after the birth of a baby is a priority for many women. That and getting some sleep and time to ourselves (ha ha). But whilst we’re focussing on our tums, bums and boobs all kinds of weird things could be happening to other, often neglected, areas of our bodies.

I imagine my problem is mostly confined to women who, like me, have produced more than one thumping big baby. Both sons’ birth weights topped the 8lbs mark – my first boy was closer to 9lbs and my second only missed such dizzy heights because he was whipped out two weeks early. As toddlers they were best described as ‘solid’. Lugging them here, there and everywhere meant that there was no need to focus, exercise wise, on the upper arm area. They were weight training in themselves. In fact my youngest isn’t quite three so I’m still hauling him round when he decides that his (chubby) little legs cannot walk any further. He rarely gets into his buggy these days.

So what’s your problem you may be asking? Well, the easiest way to cart a small child round is to plonk him or her on your hip and support their back with your arm. As with other things, like handwriting, I tend to favour one side. And though I do shift them to the opposite side on occasion this is usually only once chronic stitch has set in. I’m right handed, or right sided, and I have noticed that my right arm, bicep to be precise, is considerably larger than my left. I’m lop-armed.

When I pointed this out to my fella he confirmed my fears, laughed and commented that I now resemble a Russian shot-putter. Actually, it was me that made the Russian shot-putter reference but the point is he didn’t deny it. My dilemma is whether or not to try and work my left arm up to the same level of beefiness as my right for balance? Or stick to wearing three quarter length sleeves in dark colours to disguise my problem? Much as I admire the fabulous Mrs Ritchie I really don’t want to be as muscle bound as she is in any area of my body. And whilst I’ve been obsessing about my chunky arm my stomach has started developing too – outwards. Yikes!

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