05 November 2009


Anne-Marie Doulton has finished my book and said 'no'. Her feedback isn't all bad, she said some very nice stuff, but in the end it 'wasn't quite as involving as (she'd) hoped', so I'm guessing this means that she just didn't love it? Oh, boo-hoo. At least she responded promptly and I can open my emails now without my stomach turning over with anticipation and dread. Back to the Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book. Of course, I'm really disappointed and beset with all those 'what if no one loves it' and 'what if it's crap' feelings, but I understand that rejection is the norm in this business and not the exception. The worse thing is that in a funny way I feel like I’ve let her down – the use of the word ‘hoped’ has sparked this I’m guessing – because I think that most people want to like stuff. Anyway, onwards... It’s my boy’s birthday today, so I have to get my ‘happy mummy’ face on. Kids are great for stopping self-pity and navel gazing.

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Anne Brooke said...

Bummer - every sympathy. And you deserve better than that for sure. Hugs galore Axxxxx