15 January 2011

oh dearie me

Target: a month without alcohol
Time: January
Progress: poor

On Thursday evening I fell off the wagon. More like pole vaulted off it. A colleague had a do. I'd like to be able to say that everyone was drinking, but I can't. There were a number of drivers in the party; I wasn't one of them. I ordered a small (how restrained of me) glass of Shiraz. It looked small enough in the pint pot cunningly disguised as a wine glass, though I'm hazarding a guess that it was at least 175ml, maybe even 250ml. Nevertheless, it appeared so small in situ that I'd guzzled it before the starter arrived. Then I ordered another. I fear I'd have had a third except that being a school night the evening drew to an early close. Having capitulated, last night I went hell for leather and drank half a bottle of Merlot; I feel a bit ropey today. And very ashamed. I'm so much more productive and creative when I'm not drinking, you see, and while I'm busy on draft three of novel #2 - now renamed Parade - I am dying to begin on novel #3 too. Some say write about what you know... Should I bring my experience of my relationship with alcohol into the next book? Personally, I prefer to write about what I don't know. So perhaps my protagonist will be a teetotaller, whose idea of a good time is a mug of darjeeling and a copy of Jane's Book of Fighting Ships... 


wrensong said...

Ho, Laura, bravo! When I quit drinking I thought I'd never write again. We do! You do! Keep coming back!

Sam Pennington said...

Oh Laura, the last sentence made me laugh the most! I've had brilliant intentions too regarding both food and alcohol, but I've reached the conclusion abstinence just doesn't suit me.
Now, where's the last of the Christmas trifle sherry? Damn, drank it already!

Sam x