02 January 2011

Two for one

Oops, though I wrote my small stone yesterday, I forgot to upload it (yes, it was a good new year's eve). So here are two:

sinking into mashed potato
comforting tired bones

iridescent sky
sunlight bouncing off car bonnets
ignites such joy

And for every stone I'll be putting up pictures of some of my favourites things... which may, or may not, have anything at all to do with the stone


LauraX said...

love the randomness of the photos with your word stones:)

Laura Wilkinson said...

I fear they'll all be like this, Laura. I take piccies of lovely things as and when, but I don't always carry my camera so matching them will be tricky. The idea is that if you don't know me it should build to create an impression. Or maybe I'm just random, or lazy!