07 January 2011

stone #7

Snow has fallen once more. I watch the birds in my mother's garden in Wales, and I am reminded of school children in a playground. The majority: chaffinch in their blush uniform, hopping and pecking on the white lawn. A lone wagtail hovers beneath a shrub, sheltering from the crowd, the unpopular kid with bad clothes and an unfortunate tick. Starlings, the bullies, muscle their way through the throng. A wood pigeon perches on the wall, like the lunchtime supervisor, keeping a watchful eye.
Of course, the birds are scavenging for scraps in the frozen landscape; the price of a picture postcard snow scene: starvation.


lampworkbeader said...

Hi Laura, I wondered at the silence, now I realise you are watching nature in wild wales. See you on Monday I hope.

EMM said...

I feel for the wagtail!

Laura Wilkinson said...

Hey Noram,
I did mail sendng my apologies for the meeting... obviously you've not got it. I'll mail again!